USB Relay for Arduino Yun (Github)

USB controlled relay board with 2 channels is used the HID technology.
Specification: Relay type: 5V relay Contack type: NC / COM / NO (250VAC/125VAC/30VDC, 10A)
Input voltage: DC 5V (USB)

./usbrelay -h
help: ./usbrelay on|off [1|2|3|4] [-n <number>|all] [-name <name>] [-h]
-h|--help print this help
on|off [1|2|3|4]switch specified relay output on/off
getget relay status
-n <number>|all use specified relay (if there are more than one relay)
-name <name>use relay with name, default is "USBRelay2"

Very Cool! 8) :D

Thank You Sonny.