USB/RS-232 Bridge?

I am new to this Arduino thing.

But I am a retired EE with over 40 years design experiance. I have been programming the Atmel ATmeaga devices in assembly language for several years.

Today while looking it the Arduino UNO I noticed the USB/RS-232 bridge chip. Is the code for this chip available somewhere? I would like to find both the source and hex files?

Bob Macklin
Seattle, Wa

You mean the 16U2 chip that is programmed for USB/TTL Serial? (not RS232, which is +/- 10V or higher signals)
I know it's posted, not sure if part of the IDE download (so already on your computer) or if up at GITHUB somewhere.

Yes it is the 16U chip I am interested in. I would like to find both the source and hex files if possible.

I have been using the FTDI DLP module for my projects and this looks like a cheaper option.

I use FTDI modules to avoid the extra programming. Plus the modules don't have impossibly tins legs to solder.

Oh, and Welcome to the forum.

I have all the code written for the FTDI both for the host and target.

And the FDTI module supports all RS-232 functions. All the other things I have seen only provide Rx/Tx.

I have been thinking of trying to put the USB/SP(serial port) code in a PDIP ATmega chip. I build as much engineering stuff as possible with PDIP chips. In wirewrap sockets.

My Arduino UNO board will not be here until early next week.

Bob Macklin
Seattle, Wa.

Wirewrap - my favorite!

None of the Atmegas in PDIPs support USB tho, only the surface mount parts.
Can get a SMD to DIP adapter and make a socketable part that way.

I think I am seeing it now. The "U" means it has the USB interface.

I do have TQFP adapters.

The FTDI FT230X looks like a better choice. I can use it with my existing designs.

Bob Macklin
Seattle, Wa