USB Serial Light Adapter firmware


i need to flash an USB Serial Light Adapter. I know it uses an ATMEGA8U2 and i learned about FLIP and entering the controller in DFU mode. Tre problem is that i cannot find the right firmware to flash the 8U2. If i use the Arduino-usbserial-uno.hex file , when i plug in the board it is recognized as an Arduino Uno instead of an USB Serial Light Adapter so.. where can i find the right firmware?

Thank you all

Is there one? Could be the same so Arduino only has to license one PID/VID with the USB folks.

Ok but if i plug a genuine USB Serial Light Adapter it is listed on the Control Panel as: “Arduino USB Serial Light Adapter (COM9)” so i think it uses a different firmware version from those used in Arduino UNO.
I cannot find this Open Source file in Arduino website.

Thank you

Don’t know. Isn’t there an Arduino code depository on github or similar?

Yes, there is one, but it seems to have Arduino UNO files only :(