USB Serial Port not showing up

Hi all, I'm trying to set this up for the first time. I've searched through this forum and the tutorial but still can't figure this issue out.

I'm trying to connect my ATMEGA-168 to my intel mac running 10.4.10. Under Tools>Serial Port all I get are options for Bluetooth-PDA-Sync and Bluetooth-Modem.

I've turned off Bluetooth in system preferences, installed the drivers from the FTDI site, and rebooted a couple times. Still nothing.

I also read the OS X "getting started" tutorial and noticed that there were drivers that came with the Arduino 10 environment. I tried installing those and it said there was nothing to install, perhaps because I'd already installed the one from the FTDI site?

You should be able to use either the drivers from the FTDI website or the ones that come with the Arduino software.

When you plug the board in, does the green power LED turn on? Do you see a FT232R USB UART in the USB section of the System Profiler? What do you see if you open the Terminal and run: "ls /dev/tty.*" ? Does the board work with any other computer?

Ha, I checked those things and somehow it decided to show up for no apparent reason at all!

Thank you!