USB shield and gme controller

I have been working with the USB shield library and a USB game controller. I need the joysticks from the game controller for my project. To be honest, I am not pleased with the USB shield and USB libraries at all.

Have any of you actually interfaced a USB game controller to the USB shield. If so, I would like to know the specific game controller used. I tried a XBOXONE controller from a friend and it worked so I ordered one from Amazon. It did not work. I assume that the library is set up for a very specific game controller and if you use one that has an additional option then it wont work. The one I tried had USB AND wireless connectivity. Unfortunately, I cannot seem to find the same controller on Amazon for example. The one I tried was USB but did not have the wireless and it did not work. So, I have learned a lesson. Get a specific controller that has been proven to work!

I do not care if it is a XBOX or PS2 or PS3 controller as I just need the joysticks.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.