USB Shield - Arrduino Uno Issue

Hi, I am a newbie and I am learning arduino development, as an android developer I wanted to start off by connecting my phone to arduino and blink one of the led. I got a USB host shield from amazon this the link

But when I connect the shield to the arduino uno and connect my phone to the shield the phone doest to be even seem to be charging. So I am confused wether my shield is broked or is there something else that I am doing wrong. Nor does any of the ADK example works

Please help out

Not really meant for CHARGING phones.


EG getting a USB device to talk to the Arduino and vice versa.

It can supply a very limited amount of power but hardly enough to do what you might think it can.

I am trying to send a text string from arduino uno to the phone which is connected to the arduino via usb host shield, One of the requirements of my project is that while the phone is connected it should get charged as well.

Right now I am not able to understand wether my shield is broken or what because when I connect my shield to arduino and connect my phone to the shield phone does nothing.

Sorry for late reply as have been away for the weekend...

To send a string you would need suitable serial terminal ability on the phone.
There are plenty of apps for that side of communications.
Most people simple use an OTG cable to simplify the process.

If you made charging part of the specification for your project you might have done so without the full knowledge of the hardware you were using.
You could always make a modification to the power socket to provide a suitable feed if you have the skills.