USB to Audio Interface

Hi everyone! I'm trying to devlop a project of audio interface, like I have a drumset and i want to record while I'm playing. The proble for me and that's why I can't buy stuff like it's because it's so expensive, and i haven't that money. I want to know if someone know's if I can do stuff like this with arduino. I read in the forum but not to much explain the idea that I have. Someone can help me? Thnks a lot!!! (Sorry for my English too bad)

I have a project where I was working on that:

I'm gonna check then. Thnks!!!

I watch you project, but you do you project for "capture & playback". I only need an interface, bettwen the microphone and my computer, then with my computer and a software program like Audacity I'll record my drums (I use 5 or 6 mics for recording the complet durmmset). Do you think you project can be right for me?

Why use Arduino? Why not simply use a very cheap USB audio product, like this?