USB to MIDI - ESP32 S2 [feasibility]

Hi, I'm kinda new to the ESP32 and not that experienced in general so I was wondering if I could get some insight in the feasibility of my project.

I'd like to use an ESP32 to send low-latency signals to other ESP32s with ESP-now, controlled by Ableton Live Lite midi signals. I'd like to keep everything low-cost.
Initially I was thinking of using an Arduino Micro and passing through the data to a normal ESP32. I used an Arduino library to get MIDI data and it worked well.
Then I found out about the ESP32-S2 with USB. I am hoping this works in a similar way as the Pro Micro. Is there anyone who could tell me whether this would work or not before I go on a dead-end journey?
The EspTinyUSB library might be what I need?

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