USB to mini Cable for the Nano Need longer cable!

I am trying to find a USB to mini usb cable for my Nano that is a litle longer than the standard one... about 1 meter so it is easier to connect to the stationary pc.

I have tried all the cables I had at home and ordered two different cables off ebay but none of them works, has anyone ordered a cable around 1 meter that is working off ebay or something ? I am looking for a link to something that actually works.

I could not figure out if this was the right place to post this question but hopefully you can provide some good answers.

Any standard USB to Mini-USB cable should work. What doesn't work when you use the longer cables? Does it still work when you use the original cable?

Well i thought any cable would work too at first but apparantly it does not.

I dont know what the reason is. The last cable i got today was a litle bit faulty too so I had to bend it to get it working but then I just got the message that windows could not recognize the device.

I changed to the original "blue" cable and it works fine.

I've just been doing a bit of googling and it appears you're not alone. I don't think the length has anything to do with it. I suspect its a dodgy socket on the nano.

I see. that means that i have to go through most likely a lot of cables untill i find one that works... or maybee on second thought try to buy an extension cable so the original blue goes into the Nano

buy an extension cable so the original blue goes into the Nano

That sounds like the way to go. Have you never had a usb network dongle? They usually have a little extention lead with them.

Nope, Never had the need before.

I forgot that the playstation used the right kind of USB so i tried the cable that followed the ps3 and it works. :smiley:

I wonder, could it be that the usb cable for the Arduino needs to be shielded ? Of all the cables i have tried only the two working ones have it as faar as i can see, the original blue and the PS3 cable.