usb to serial converter

how to make usb to serial converter for arduino?

Why do you want to make something that is so easy to buy ? USB to Serial Converter

this is part of my final project. can you help and give suggestions circuit?

USB to serial converter

After looking into it it appears the USB driver may be the hardest part, since you don’t have the source code for any commercially made USB to Serial Converter and Windows and iOS need a USB driver.
I have no idea how to get around that or if you can.

link for downloading the firmware is not found, can i get that firmware please?

thank you so much

There's this but it may not be what you had in mind. Since the UNO already has the ATmega8U2 MPU which contains a USB interface, by REMOVING the ATmega328 chip, the UNO board defaults to a simple converter. as shown in the link.

Take a look at this project that implements a dedicated USB to serial converter chip the MCP2221

This YOUTUBE video is even easier, but again, I am not sure if it is really what you want.

If you understand FRENCH (I think it's French) , you might find this video useful

This link may have some useful info.

Check out this link

If you intend to make one from scratch, in my opinion the best to build is the Sparkfun FTDI Basic. It is open source, simple, and the schematic and drivers are right there on the Sparkfun website. The FTDI basic is the standard adapter the Arduino Pro Mini was designed to work with. It is essentially the USB to serial section of the Arduino Duemilanove, put on a separate board. It is the most likely design to "just work" without any problems. You do need to make sure you get the FTDI chip from a reputable supplier such as Digikey or Mouser, because a counterfeit will give you problems.

If you intend to make one from scratch, in my opinion the best to build is the Sparkfun FTDI Basic

I agree. That way you can use the FTDI driver.

thank you for your help. i need to make usb to serial so i can use that for arduino uno. my problem is in usb to serial

i already try to use prolific pl2303hx, but it is not working. the usb not recognized on my computer.

i want to try make with use ic mcp 2221. but mcp 2221 not sale in indonesian.

maybe right now, i will try to use atmega 8 just like the link you share for me.

if have any circuit sugesstion, please share....

Try Arrow:

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