Usb to uart and 433MHZ

Hi everybody !

I bought theses RF modules:

My aim is to connect the receiver to my computer.
So, my question is, is this USB->TTL module is working for ?

Thanks for your reply,

What are you intending to use the modules for.?
They need some kind of signal processing like Virtualwire to work properly.
Usual way to use them is with an Arduino at both ends, and then you connect the receiving Arduino to your PC.

I’ll send 16 base Datas between Receiver and Transmitter.
So i think i’ll create my own protocol, my aim is to connect a tachymeter to my arduino and to transmit values to my computer

That will work OK.
Those 433 Mhz receivers produce a lot of noise on their data pins , so you will need some kind of protocol
in your PC to detect your transmitted data.

Thanks for your reply, so , this UART USB TTL will be ok ?

I'll code a lib i think similar to virtual wire, based on RF modules datasheet concerning transmitted packets with CRC or others..