USB to VGA or HDMI Converters WoW What Promise !

New to the forum. I have been looking at the $8 to $12 USB to LCD monitor converters. Oh what a treat, BUT a problem. I can't get any documentation on the one controller I found, a Fresco Logic FL2000 chip. They are said to conform to some Windows USB Video standard.
Now would be sleazy of me to ask if anyone stands a chance of cracking these little gems ?

An arduino cannot run an LCD screen. You would need a RasPi at least.

Looks to me that this device gets configuration of graphics/text, resolution etc, then if text only, then all that should be needed is to send the characters to the display ram. If graphics, then I suppose some sort of driver is needed like DirectX.

If I had time I would also try to control an older simple VGA legacy card. I think these MCU's could do that.