USB to XBee then back to USB question (feasibility question)


I have software on my laptop to control my camera through the USB port. Unfortunately, that keeps me tethered to the camera from my laptop by the USB cable. Would it be possible to remove the cable and replace it with some kind of wireless USB (at the laptop) to XBee then back to USB (at the camera) setup?

If yes, where to start?

Any help just to get started would be greatly appreciated.


XBee has a max bandwidth of 250kbit/s. Thats not really enough for video, unless you are willing to go very low resolution and b/w. Standard def TV is like 3.5Mbit/s, more than 10 times higher. Something like 320x280 low color depth or b/w might work on xBee, but it'd be pushing it...

OK, thanks very much for taking the time to answer.


I have software on my laptop to control my camera through the USB port.

What do you mean by control. If the software is just telling the camera to zoom in/out, focus, and/or take a picture (or video), then replacing the wire with a pair of Series 1 XBees (and related boards) is easy.

If the picture (or video) is actually sent to the PC using the USB cable, then the XBees won't be fast enough.


Thanks for taking the time to reply. :slight_smile:

I just want to put the camera into "live view" mode and start recording. Then stop recording and leave "live view". This method would use much less battery power.

I need to leave the camera in the field and have it be autonomous. Right now I am controlling recording with an Arduino through the camera's IR remote sensor, but I have to leave it in perpetually in "live view" mode to be able to do that. That eats the batteries.

Could you perhaps describe what you think would work? Have you done this kind of thing to control a camera?