USB TTL adapter

Hi all
I'm looking for a way to program my Pro Mini by directly connecting it to a USB port (not through another Arduino, as I have been doing).
I purchased a PL2303, but was disappointed to find the driver isn't supported by windows 8. My fault for not doing more research first.
I was wondering if any of you who run windows 8 have found other working adapters that you could recommend to me.

Thanks a lot.

You could consider purchasing a dedicated converter here on the Arduino website. The advantage of using the device linked to, is knowing that it will work "out of the box". It uses the same chip for USB TTL conversion as that on the Uno and thus works on any system that the Uno does.

The FTDI breakout board from SparkFun is one other option you can consider, although to use that (or any other FTDI based board) you will most likely need to disable device driver signatures.

Regarding the PL2303, have you already tried to roll back the drivers? I have heard, though I can not confirm, that rolling back to a later version of the drivers will allow some chips to work with windows 8. A guide to doing that can be found here (pdf).

Thanks a lot.
I'll try rolling back the driver when I next get the chance :slight_smile: