USB Type A on Arduino micro pro

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for my project I would like to replace micro usb on arduino micro pro with regular type A male connector. (So arduino could be used almost as flash disk; without cable). I have no problem with unsoldering the micro usb female itself, I dont trust my soldering skills enough to solder tiny cables leading from data + and data - to Type A connector.

I want to connect ground and power (USB) to PINS ground and raw. Is it possible to connect data + and data - somewhere more accessible?
I was hoping that somehow TX and RX pins would work but then I found out that arduino micro pro is using separate serials for usb and for tx rx on the board.

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What are you trying to accomplish?

get an adaptor (A to Micro)

Thanks for the reply. I have purchased male usb micro connectors as well, in case I find no other solution. But I am trying to make it as compact as possible, and adding usb micro male unfortunately adds a lot of length to the arduino.

I should have thought it would be easier to solder connections to a full size "A male" plug, than to the PCB, so perhaps it is not obvious what you are asking.

Would it not be solved by getting a lead with the standard "A" plug, cutting the lead and soldering the wires to the PCB where the "micro" connector was? Use a cable tie to fix the cable itself to the PCB to prevent movement, possibly add hot melt glue.

Better than nothing.

The only problem with soldering wires where the micro usb was is the lack of space. As I mentioned, I dont have good equipment, neither I am excellent at soldering and I am worried about not being able to solder all wires there without interconnecting them.

I was hoping that I could connect 1 wire (for example D+) where the usb micro was and D- elsewhere (for example after the 220 resistor).

I am sorry if my question was ambiguous.

I will give it a try and solder it where the micro usb was, but my hopes are low.

How many pins do you need from that Pro Micro? There is a very inexpensive Beetle which is the exact same functionality as the Pro Micro except with fewer pins brought out to the header, and they are available in 2 styles. One of the styles has a male plug. Search for "Ardunio Beetle" on eBay.