USB Weather Board + RN-XV WiFly Module

hello, can somebody help me with the coding to make the usb weather board from sparkfun ( work with the rn-xv wifly module ( ? thanks

hello, can somebody help me with the coding

This implies that you are going to do some of the work. So, what have you done so far?

If you meant "hello, can somebody do the coding for me", you need to post this over in Gigs and Collaboration, and offer some compensation.

well, I have some progrmming skils, I just need some advice, I have the sketch ( for the board
and was trying to use the GitHub - harlequin-tech/WiFlyHQ: WiFly RN-XV Arduino Library library for wifly module, but after loading the header file from wiflyhq lib and defining the variables for wifi I get something like $%^*#@()$@ in consol and then it stops …

this is the code added to the sketch above

#include <WiFlyHQ.h>
const char mySSID[] = "myssid";
const char myPassword[] = "my-wpa-password";