usb wires voltage limits

Does anyone know whats the maximum voltage you can use on a usb micro wire?

More information on usage how and why required.


By definition, the standard 5V is required for operating a USB device. If you are referring to the current, then the standard is for 500 mili amps. What that means is the maximum current draw from a standard USB port is 5V@1/2 amp. many earlier usb ports did not adhere to this standard and many devices would not run on them because of low power.

An excerpt from Wikipedia says: "Battery Charging Specification 1.2:[22] Released in December 2010. Several changes and increasing limits including allowing 1.5 A on charging ports for unconfigured devices, allowing High Speed communication while having a current up to 1.5 A and allowing a maximum current of 5 A."

The maximum voltage is governed by the insulation. It should be good for at least 100V. However the question is meaningless as you should not use it for any more than 5V.

Everything depends on the use you will make. There is nothing prohibiting the use of a mini USB to more than 5V.

But if you do, [u]be careful not to[/u] [u]connect a "Standart USB" component, you will destroy it instantly.[/u] So it's up to you to decide if want to take the risk or not, but the risk exists.

For maximum voltage I can only say that I will do: - I would look in the documentation USB for maximum value of the insulation voltage and max current. - I will limit the voltage to 50% of the previous value. - I will limit the current to 50% of the previous value. Be careful, very often it is either the maximum voltage or the max current but rarely both at the same time.

That's how I would do, but I do not assert that this is the only way, it can be others. One more time, this is an unconventional use is therefore at your own risk.