usb Wizard does not launch

i bought an aruido duemilonove starter kit ,I downloaded everything needed but when I connect my board to my computer the usb wizard does not launch.I went to the control panel/device manager but still did not solve the problem.I appreciate you time.Thanks to all your contribution. Adam143 ::)

Do any of the LEDs on the Arduino light?

Can you use the same USB port with some other device?

Can you use the same USB cable with another device?

OS version would also help.

yes all leds light.but my usb cable couln not fit other devices because the extremity that goes to the aruido has a special design

It is not that special, its actually is a standard USB 'B' connector, as opposed to the standard 'A' rectangular. Anyway, if you can't check it, we will assume it is working, I just like to 'shotgun' the easy problems if you can swap out cables etc. easily.

You should be able to open device manager check to see if it is already installed. Look for "USB serial port". Also, as Eight asked, what version of what Windows (I'm assuming Windows) are you using?

You also said "yes all leds light" but do they all stay on? Only the PWR LED should stay lit (if I remember correctly).

I'm using windows XP.I went to the devise manager and I've seen USB serial converter ,USB com6,4and 1 ,USB host are all there(you mention USB serial port;I could not find it).There is two LEDS the yellow one remains blinking all the time,the green one remains on.