USBDroid Shield and Bluetooth

Greetings everyone. I have this shield (USBDroid (Arduino Uno compatible with onboard Android/USB Host) | Freetronics) and a generic USB Bluetooth dongle. I’m trying to achieve what’s discussed in this tutorial (Arduino Playground - HomePage) but via the dongle since I do not have a BT modem.

I know I need some sort of a Bluetooth stack / library to load onto the Arduino to control the BT dongle. I found this helpful site:

I know the shield I have uses the Max3421E chip, and according to the shield's specs page, the US uses digital pins D9 through D13. There are also traces on the shield PCB from the Max3421 chip to "GPIN" and GPOUT" holes 0 through 7 (each). So all of that is available to me if needed.

Can anyone help point me to a simple way to figure out which of the above pins would be set to the Bluetooth "Rx and Tx" functionality when the BT dongle is connected to the USB port on the shield? What sort of library code woudl I need to write to be able to control the BT through the Arduino IDE?

I eventually hope to be able to use the BT connection to recieve small amounts of text from a Android phone app I wrote to control some motors.

Use ArduinoCommander for free ( it supports only bluetooth shield (required), but usb-otg mode will be supported soon.