USBHost library constantly updating?


I am running IDE 1.8.5 on linux.

I recently began using the Arduino Zero and installed the USBHost library.

Since then, several times per day an update notification appears. I update and it seems to update

When I look at the properties in my sketchbook/libraries folder I see that it is currently at version 1.0.5 but it still requests to update over and over again.

Anyone have any ideas on how to stop this annoyance?

Cheers, Bob

Isn't that annoying. This is a known bug that was reported 2 years ago: but I have not ever been able to get the Arduino developers to take it seriously.

There is a workaround you'll find I explained in those issue reports but you can also just do File > Preferences > Check for updates on startup (uncheck) > OK. Of course then you also won't get legitimate notifications of updatable libraries and boards (or IDE versions if they ever get around to fixing that bug.

@pert thanks for the tip, but I do want the real updates...

And thanks for the pointer to the bug reports.. I added my 2 cents.

Cheers, Bob

Well if you want assistance with the other workaround to the problem I can provide it.

Sure, thanks!

I didn't realize that there was a work around that didn't handicap the IDE...


  • File > Examples > USBHost > ADKTerminalTest (or any other example sketch of the library)
  • Sketch > Show Sketch Folder - this will open the example sketch folder
  • Navigate up two folder levels to the root of the USBHost library folder.
  • Open in a text editor.
  • Change the line:


name=USBHost (Arduino SAMD Boards)
  • Save the file

You will need to repeat that process anytime you update to a new version of Arduino SAMD Boards.


I did it but that hasn't changed anything... the IDE still constantly wants to update that particular library..

Thanks anyway!