USBHost/MouseController example on nano 33 IOT

I am trying to work USBHost/MouseController example using nano 33 IOT board.

Here is information about hardware/board environment.

  • To distribute VBUS to Mouse, I did following set up on the board.
    —Short “VBUS and 5V pin” pad on board.
    —External 5V power supply at 5V pin.
  • Hook-up serial terminal at TX/RX(PB22/PB23) on the board.

Also, I have added a line in MouseController.ino for debugging.

I have programmed this firmware to the board. But it seems not working…
I saw “Mouse Controller Program started” message on serial terminal, but nothing after that even when I have attached my mouse. Note that I have checked my mouse is powered.

Does anyone have experience to work usb host on nano 33 IOT board ?
Or does anyone advice what next I should do for debugging ?

Note that I checked nano 33 IOT schematic is slightly different from MKR1000(1010).
For MKR1000, usbid(at micro-usb connector) signal is connected to PA13 at SAMD, however usbid is NOT connected on nano 33 IOT. I am not sure this is related to my problem or not….


After I fix handmade usb cable, USBHost/MouseController example is working on nano 33 IOT.