USBphpTunnel: Android app for MXQ TV box and Arduino UNO, controlled by PHP

Designed for data-logging applications (weather, hydroponics, greenhouses, aquariums, home automation, power consumpion, solar or wind generators), this solution can be useful also in alarms and burglar, etc.

A simple text protocol allows Arduino to send data to PHP and viceversa.

USBphpTunnel is under development, ver. 1 can be fond here GitHub.

Any idea and contribution is very well accepted and solicited.

Now you can develop MySQL and web enabled Arduino applications only working on Arduino and PHP.
To keep ligth the Arduino Sketch, you can port all not realtime logic to PHP side.
At the end your application will works on MXQ+Arduino UNO even 24/7 with only 20 Watt AC power, and can be controlled by smartphone via WiFi.
What more?

I extended original USBphpTunnel to get the goals:

  • make php master (in USBphpTunnel Arduino is master)
  • non blocking communications.
  • allow concurrence

See GitHub - msillano/USBphpTunnel_fifo: Extends USBphpTunnel with a fifo, making master the php process

I am very interested in using TVboxes as dedicated WEB servers with Arduino extensions: so about (Linux + Android)-Arduino USB serial communication I tested many solutions:

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