USBtinyISP not working, I think I fried the chip

I get error when I try to use it, Windows report problem getting ID and trying to force driver doesn't work. When I tried to flash a random sketch to the ATTiny44, I got error it's not responding.

I've already replaced ATTiny44 on it and I can now program it but I am having heck of a time finding the correct firmware to use to make the chip run like ISP once again. My search for USBtinyISP firmware keeps getting me ATTiny2313 even if I mentioned ATTiny44 in the search. And the firmware files I downloaded is a bunch of files, looks like I am supposed to use AVRdude to compile and upload rather than Arduino IDE.

So can anyone tell me which file is the right file for ATTiny44 version of USBtinyISP, and what's the command to set the fuses correctly (12MHz external, etc) and upload firmware? This is what I have:

SJVCC connects or disconnects 5v to ISP header for when the target device has its own power or not, and SJFAB enables reset for reprogramming ATTiny44

This looks like a good source for firmware:

That has Adafruit's version as well as a link to the original it was based on.

AVRDUDE is only an uploader, used to flash a compiled binary to the flash memory on a microcontroller of the AVR architecture. AVRDUDE is not a compiler. You will need to use avr-gcc to compile the USBtinyISP firmware if you can't find a precompiled binary for the ATTiny44. You have a copy of avr-gcc already on your system if you have the Arduino IDE installed, but you'll also need Make to run the Makefile and the Arduino IDE has not provided that since 1.0.5 or 1.0.6. but of course you can get it from other sources. It's readily available for Linux and probably macOS. Not so much with Windows, but you can find it, either via the old Arduino IDE versions, WinAVR, or maybe some other sources I'm not aware of.

Yeah, the USBtinyISP firmware was not written as an Arduino sketch that can be used with the Arduino IDE. It would be an interesting project to package it as an Arduino sketch, but probably a situation where the people who would want that don't have the ability and the people who have the ability don't want it.

I think that one is also for ATTiny2313 and not 44. I can't tell from the firmware files but the schematic and board mentions ATTiny2313

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