Use 1 SD Card for 2 different modules, is it possible?

I have a project that needs to read text files (settings) and play audio.

But in the initial project I'm using 1 SD module and DFPlayer, so I have to use 2 micro SD cards, one for each module, but it would be mt expensive to use 2 SD cards, so one way to cheapen is to use only 1, I did not find a solution until then.

Can I share 1 SD Card for the 2 modules?

Anyone have any tips?

Is there another solution that uses only 1 module to read txt and play audio?

Ps: I've already seen the method of playing audio .wav 8bits, but I think it gets a low quality. :confused:

If the SD card module has an I2C or SPI bus, it can be used by multiple controllers. You’ll have to take care that not multiple devices access the SD card at at the same time.

If the module does not have such a bus interface, you can connect one Arduino to the SD module and make it a server, and attach further Arduinos as clients to its I2C or SPI bus.

Haven't seen an SD module yet that was anything but SPI.