Use a 3.5in RPi Display with an ESP32 and TFT_eSPI?

Hi all!

I'm using an ESP32 with a common 2.8in SPI ILI9341 display with the TFT-eSPI library. It all works great!

This 3.5in RPi Display would fit into the case I am using and give me a bigger display, and we all like larger displays, right?

Does anyone have any experience with one of these displays?

Just thought I would ask before I buy...


Bodmer has an excellent TFT_eSPI library that you can install via the IDE Library Manager.

There are ready-made Setup files for RPI displays.
Or you configure a custom Setup for yourself.

Yes, you will have to swap / edit Setup between RPI and ILI9341
but this saves editing every sketch file.