Use a 'vaper' to add smoke?

I don't know much about them, but I've learned they use a base mixture of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, have lipo batteries and some sort heating element. In videos it looks like they produce thick 'smoke' that would look good coming from a model factory or volcano or the steampunk robot idea I've been kicking around. I thought I'd ask here if anybody knows anything about them or has any suggestions before I pursue this notion any further. Thanks!

Hello Waxmoose, you may take a look into any shop with accessories for model railways, there are elements and fluids to add steam to locomotives. Depending on the scale it may be something for you. Regards Mekanax

It's not simple to build a heater that can withstand the temperatures and won't burn itself up. Fog machines need temps around 300C to vaporize the fluid; electronic cigarettes are around 200C. It doesn't seem like much of a difference in temperature but it's just outside the range of the typical thermistors that you'd use to monitor the temperature, and then it's also outside of the typically used heating element (a resistor) as well. I know "vapers" use nichrome wires but they are very small gauges and will burn themselves up much more quickly at 300C. You'd need some pretty precise fluid feed to get it working right.

Check out the old robot toy from the 80's called "Magic Mike". I used to have one and I remember putting oil into a hole in his head and a heating element would "smoke" the oil. You could copy that mechanism. I'm not sure where you would find information on it though.