Use an external battery / power bank with the Arduino Yun. What are pins D+/D-?

I would like to power my Arduino Yun with an external battery or “Power Bank” as we in Germany call it. I have a battery at home with 6000mAh but because I of the good rating and the capacity of 25000mAh I bought a new one: Link to Amazon UK

The good thing with such power banks with USB: They should have already a 5 V output you need for the Arduino Yun. This is what I thought.

The thing is: With my old 6000mAh the Arduino Yun runs without any problems. But when I connect the new one I bought on Amazon then the Arduino Yun starts blinking the white USB-LED and WAN. What does that mean? Why is this external power bank not working but my old one is?
Does somebody know what I could do to get it work? Or what kind of external battery I have to buy to get the Arduino Yun working?

And I have one more question. The USB pins D+ / D- what are they for (see photo)? Can I also feed the 5V power into these pins? For example when I tune the USB-Cable like this: Link to Instructables

I am looking forward to getting some information :slight_smile:

hi i have almost the same problem "clean Power for yun "

i tried to use the 5v from my motor controller " pololu 18v15 " but it wont work some type of bad 5v.

now i use a rc bec 5v and a 3s lipo batterie and it works

sowas von nerfig bist nicht allein


Hmm. Thanks Stefan. And are pins D+ / D- at the Arduino Yun for power supply? Are you powering the Yun with USB or with these pins?