use an ipod touch 'to control' the arduino
ipod to serial connector and software

I hope that Apple decides to allow hobbyist access through the dock connector and bluetooth. If you have to have your hardware approved by Apple, that will kill the fun of building a one off gadget that interfaces with the iPhone or Touch.

They let you compile apps and install them on your personal iPhone for your own use without going through the app store, so it's possible they will allow similar use for one off accessory hardware.

I know I'd like to have my Touch and Arduino talking without jailbreaking.

I know I'd like to have my Touch and Arduino talking without jailbreaking.

I'm working on this. It'll be on OS 3.0 though. I've downloaded the SDK, but I've decided to get myself a Touch that I can install OS 3.0 Beta on instead of borrowing my wife's. :D

When I get started I'll start a new thread. Maybe the end of this week or the beginning of next if I can get some working code.

Yah, I think 3.0 will be the standard for anyone wanting to interface the iPhone/Touch with external hardware. I'm just glad Apple decided to recognize all of us that wanted more direct access to external hardware.

Hi! Sorry for my english... is very bad.

I was able to control the Arduino, with my iphone. I needed, a modified Linksys WRT54GL connected to the arduino using RX-TX and GND, and an SD card to store even a website in php (SD conected is conected to linksys).

Then the iphone connects to the IP of the web stored in the linksys, and the php code written with ssh commands, control the arduino, arduino and what you have attached.

If you want more information, please contact me


Hey guys! I am trying to control an arduino with an iPod Touch. I know this sounds bad but could you send me some codes, if possible, that could help me "brainstorming" my future projects codes? Thanks in advance!