Use an IR remote (Car mp3) to power on/off line following robot

Hi. I’m new to arduino and just completed my 1st project which is a line following robot. I used 3 LDR’s, 4 LED’s several resistors and code that was already available online.

The line follower works great and i’d now like to incorporate an infrared remote to remotely power on & off the line following robot, instead of manually connecting and disconnecting the power to the arduino.

Today I’ve connected my IR receiver to an arduino and uploaded code to test the remote & map and all the buttons.

I’m now looking for some advice on the easiest way to use this to start/stop the line follower.

I’d like to use for example button 1 which gave FF30CF, to power on the line follower, then button 2 (FF18E7) to stop the line following program.

The line follower code I used is attached.

Thanks for reading, any advice appreciated.

line_follower_LDR.ino (3.42 KB)


Some example code using IR remote to control a small robot is HERE

You need to integrate your line follower code. Maybe use “*” on remote to switch between line following and manual control. Drive the robot to the line and then enable line follower?

Thanks, Terry. I'll check that out tonight.