Use Arduino for reading data from vehicle CAN-bus

Hi everybody, my name is Simone and I'm an italian electronic engineering student. I have a question for you: I have experience with microcontrollers but I don't have an Arduino board and I have never used it. Now I'm considering a possible purchase of an Arduino kit because I have to realize some simply projects. In one of those projects I want to realize a LCD for a vehicle that we (students) have project for a university competition. Now, the question is: this LCD must display some data acquired by the engine control unit of the vehicle, data that are acquired by a CAN bus. Looking for some information on internet, I've found a "CAN-Bus Shield" and I imagine that this shield is a kind of board that combined with Arduino is used to acquire generic data from a CAN line. Is that correct? With this shield and with an Arduino board can I realize my project, or I need something else?

Sorry if I wrote in the wrong topic and thank you for all the possible replies! Have a nice day,


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Thank you so much!!!!