Use Arduino to Auto-Package Wheat Flour

Hello everyone!

I'm planning to build auto-package system to package wheat-flour.

So I have these 25kg wheat-flour:

And I want to package it to plastic bag of 1kgs.

My question is, what is the effective way to move these white flour to plastic bag?
Is it using some kind of pump and pipe to move the wheat flour?
Or is there a better way?

Do you guys have any ideas?

Thanks in advance.


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Hopper, auger, drop chute and stitch / seal.

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Hey thank you for answering. I will do more research on this. Much appreciated.

Yes, but be careful to source and select a food-grade auger. l’m not sure you want to go with a 3D printed DIY thing.

Just sayin’.


There should be a stainless steel version available for this kind of application.

The bag would probably sit on a scale to get to the proper weight, however, probably just counting the number of revolutions the auger makes would be close enough.

Flour will pack up the auger rather quickly. I would suggest a vibrating, inclined metal tube coming from the storage bin or whatever. Do not ever use compressed air as that will produce a explosive cloud of flour.

Indeed, you need to keep tight control on how much flour dust gets into the air anyway as it is potentially explosive (as well as irritant).

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