Use Arduino to control a PSP LCD?


Is it possible to control a LCD TFT screen out of a PSP with an Arduino? Someone has experience with this?

Depends on what you mean by control, but not likely.

Biggest problem you'll have is that the memory in the Arduino is quite limited. There are more pixels on the PSP's screen than there is RAM in an Arduino. So you won't get much (if any) resolution. On top of that, the speed of the Arduino would make it difficult to display anything other than static images.

You really need a LCD Controller and a more powerful processor platform (such as something ARM-based.) The Arduino is more of a microcontroller and less of a microprocessor.

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Ah it's just a "because it's possible" thing :stuck_out_tongue:
It's no problem to display static images or such things, getting text on it would be nice too :wink:
Or a digital clock or something, just simple things.

I don't know how this screen is connected, or how it even works. Is it similar to a led matrix? That's what I thought for so far.

Is it similar to a led matrix? That's what I thought for so fa

No and it will be very tricky.

Go search the sparkfun forums for this - someone was making a driver board.

There is absolutely no chance of controlling the 480x272 4.3" screen from the PSP with an Arduino. The display has no driver and therefore needs you to supply the framebuffer (480x272x3 = 391,680 bytes) and drive the signals that push the data from the framebuffer out to the display at a speed acceptable to the display.

TFT displays that will work the arduino will need an embedded driver IC (eg. ILInnnn or HXnnnn) that you can talk to over SPI or maybe 8080/6800 if you have the pins.

This is running on my Mega1280 but could easily be made to work on Duemilanove it is 3.2" 240 x 320 16bit colour, touch screen + SD card slot

it is 3.2" 240 x 320 16bit colour, touch screen + SD card slot

It would be more helpful if information about the screen (model, what type of controller it has, where get it, etc.) was provided.

OK Sorry,
It Uses HX8347-a controller chip, there are other sellers on ebay, the link provided was just for the one i bought, the item arrived safely and working but i didn't get any after sales support from him, which isn't such a bad thiing it meant i've had to do alot of the work myself & with greatly apreciated help from the good people on this forum, so im in the process of putting together a library for HX8347-a, it's a nice display, each pixel can be individually addressed and colour set with 16bit RGB or partial areas can be defined if you want to draw say a 40x40 icon. if you watch the demo video on the auction page bear in mind he is using the equivalent to digital.Write() command, i am using direct port manipulation which is 10x faster

Ok it's toooo complicated :~

But it's possible. I'm curenttly working with my friend on a project with a 7inch monitor. After.. like 5day in a row, we can set the brightness and turn on-off. But it'S all garbage. So for anything required a frame buffer and in between a level shifter... you need a logic analyser, a scope and lot of stuff. Because, no: it's not just plug and play and the trick with the arduino, it's that you have to code and reduce all the librairy to fit into the ram. But it's possible.