Use Arduino to control any website, even on mobile!


I’ve been working on an app to let you use Arduino projects with websites, mobile apps, and music software. I want to know what the Arduino community thinks of it.

The app’s JavaScript API allows any website to be “Arduino enabled” - just visit the site with your Arduino connected via Bluetooth or USB, and your sensors can control anything on the website - no special plugins or extensions required.

It even works on mobile, so you can develop your own Bluetooth-enabled web apps without learning iOS programming or paying for a developer account.

I’m imagining innovative game controllers, music webapps, even something simple like controlling Pandora or slideshow presentations with your Arduino hardware. It opens up a whole new world of interaction with the physical world. I’m excited to hear your ideas for it!

Our basic app works, and we’d like to put in more testing and refinement for greater Bluetooth 4.0 shield compatibility, but we need your support to finish development. We’ve launched a Kickstarter to fund the project; check it out and tell us what you think:

(Also we are looking for Arduino-savvy beta testers… if you’re interested send me a PM.)

Please let me know if you have any questions. Can’t wait to see what our community does with it!

Tyler Freeman