use arduino to find lost pin

If you are going to manually enter a bunch of PINs, at least try the most common ones first. :slight_smile:

Hi, my apologies for the late reply ( 2 kids at home and they also need some time).

I did some measurements on the keypad, pictures are here:

Will see if i use relays or just transistors/mosfets

I already tried some common used pincodes first but but not luck :slight_smile:

Did you get this working? Just curious. Was there brute force protection?

Hi, no, still trying to get it working but currently not enough time :slight_smile:

Couple of problems.

Most security devices only allow a few tries before a time=out delay
Then only allow so many before a full lock out dealer reset.
Such devices also usually offer a factory reset to 0000 to let you mess up and recover

Why not just do it by hand?
You don't even need to make a list just start at 0000 and go up to 9999
I know it isn't sexy and is very tedious but you still might get there faster than getting everything together to use an Arduino.

i.e. if you started typing codes by hand when this thread was started, you likely you could have been done back in December.

--- bill

May also be to discourage people from stealing this expensive piece of equipment that sits outside all day and night. :slight_smile:

Indeed it is.
Searching "husqvarna automower 210 lost pin code" shows that the pin can only be obtained from the manufacturer by the registered owner. There is no charge for this service.

On the concept of trying to brute force a pin

You would need to know the number of tries allowd before a #tries fail
And #tries-lockout

I have an old motorolla phone that has an unrecoverable lockout. 10 fails and even motorolla says it cannot be recovered.

Second you would need to be abe to recognize a successful attempt.

Your mechanics should not be able to damage the membrane keypad.

The Mechanics are rather straight forward.

The sketch would be rather straightforward

The free phonecall is clearly the best option.

Threads like this teach us to create obstacles.
3 fails 1 minute added delay
5 fails 5 minute delay
10 fails an hour delay or
"10 failed attemps dealer reset required"

An afterthought

You might try the last 4 digits of Pi.

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