Use Arduino UNO board have a problem

Need big help:
I bought a compatible-arduino start kit, and I took the example code "blink" to start.
Then selected "Arduino / Uno" and the serial port. Next, clicked on Upload and within 3 seconds, a burning smell takes off in the room and the laptop suddenly goes out.
Finally, I opened the laptop, and the USB port has no response with my U Disc, it've connected with the UNO board.
The Uno board and USB port of laptop were burnt.

I'm just confused:

  1. Why are they burnt? was the problem of my laptop or the UNO board?
    but in my opinion, the standard output of USB port in laptop is 500mA/5V, the current can not cause the USB port to be burnt.

Waiting for urgent reply to make me clear, and then what should I do?

Wow, it looks like your laptop has gone. Probably USB power module inside of laptop. You can try to ask for repair but hard to say if it worth for. You can use if without the 2 USB ports... really sad. :frowning:
Something wrong with the USB on the Arduino. Short circuit on power wire/pin??? USB 2 has just 4 wires +, D+, D-, GND. You can measure the resistance between them. I'll do not use this Arduino anymore or at least not before the problem will be found.