use arduino with RC SERVO and GLCD

guys !! i have some electric problem with arduino
here is the video to show

i connect ks0108 GLCD and and RC servo motor with an Arduino Mega
GLCD's Vcc/Gnd are connect to MEGA's 5V/Gnd
RC Servo Motor's power is also supplied by MEGA

When i run the arduino mega
and load an servo control program into arduino,
and drive the servo motor to keep turning

when the servo motor was turning
the GLCD seems like having some power dropping , keep blinking
when the servo motor was stop
the GLCD's brightness is OK

is the wiring having some problem?? seems no body has the similar problem

I can't really see how u are powering the mega, if its by usb you may not have enough power for both the lcd and the servo at the same time
You should either have a separate power supply for the servo/lcd or one power supply that can handle everything
usb is supposed to limit a device to 100ma, 500ma max available on a port by usb specs

RC Servo Motor's power is also supplied by MEGA

Usually not a good idea.