use comunication pins as Digital I/O inputs,outputs - Mega2560R3

i am designing a pcb board as a shield for Mega 2560 R3 for one of my projects

as it would be more easy in the design to use communication pins (0=RXO,1=TXO, 14=TX3, 15=RX3, 16=TX2, 17=RX2, 18=RX1, 19=TX1 ) as inputs or outputs will be any problem ?

In my sketch i am going to use the '' wire library '' for IC2 comunication.

if i use them as inputs i will have inputpullup enable , if i use them as outputs will be to drive some microrelays through NPN Mosfets

Any suggestions about that?

thanks in advance

(i have to ask Sorry from the Admins... as i notice that this post fits better in ''Project Guidance'' section of the forum as it has not to do so much with code programing )

I suggest you do NOT use pins 0 and 1 as they are used when uploading programs and when communicating with the PC over the USB cable.

The other pins can be used as you wish.


Thanks :slight_smile: