Use display LCD from Processing

I'm trying to manage the standard LCD from Processing. In the arduino environment I just include LiquidCrystal.h, set some things and everything work.

Now I loaded on the board FirmataStandard and I use Processing, so I can't include LiquidCrystal.h. So the problem is that I can't find any library to do that. Nothing to manage the LCD. Do you have any idea?

Sorry for my english.

I don't know Firmata but is looks like it is intended to use a host computer to control the Arduino.

What are you trying to do? Use your PC to control the LCD display? Or to have the LCD display data serially sent to the arduino?

If Firmata is controlling all the arduino I/O, I don't think the executing LiquidCrystal commands on the arduino is going to work.

Is your final desire to use Firmata or is it to send data serially from the host to the LCD using the arduino as the LCD controller?