use DMA with arduino nano33 BLE


I work with a Nano33 BLE which contains the processor nrf52840

I saw in the manual of the nrf52840 that there is the parameter UART0

There is also the parameter UARTE0 and UARTE1 which use the Easy DMA

I would like to use Serial.print with UARTE0 or UARTE1 Easy DMA

I would like to use the UARTE0 or UARTE1 Easy DMA to make the Serial.print

I did several research how to do and I found nothing

Is there a person who has an idea how to do


Have your installed the board in the IDE and poked around in the code?

Setup Guide

yes I do.

Serial1 is for tx and rx output pin contrôle by the CPU
I don’t no how to link serial1 to uarte easy DMA for serial was contrôle by DMA controller

I don’t find what code to use the serial by DMA
I don’t find any where some code or exemple
I find some think for arduino due but not for nano33 BLE