Use FTP to upload sketch executable via wifi on Seeeduino Stalker V2.3

I have a Seeeduino Stalker v2.3.

I would like to build my executable outside the IDE then upload it to using WIFI and FTP. As far as I can see this is all possible, A Makefile can be used to build the code, FTP is built in to my Wifly Bee, and there is a solder jumper to allow code to be loaded via Wifi. However, the instructions assume the IDE is used to load the code and requires another Wifly Bee and USB connected UART.

As I said I want to skip the IDE connection and go straight to FTP over Wifi. Will that work with the standard boot loader?

I was planning to try it but thought I'd ask first to see if anyone has experience at doing this. Are there commands the IDE supplies to the boot loader to get things rolling etc. Not familiar with what the boot loader actually does yet.

If this is new development I'd like to get involved. My background is hardware firmware developer and FTP is how we load our code.

Thanks for you help in advance.

Hi Mike

Obviously you got the stalker v2.3 running with a wifi bee. I never got an answer from seeedstudios :/ Could I ask you for an example code on how to use the wifi bee?

I have the stalker v2.3 and a wifi bee

Thank you very much in advance. I got pretty much frustrated here :)

So I have not worked with my Wifly Bee on my Stalker yet but I have worked with it on my UART. Have you used your UART to configure the network settings? I won't have time to work with it until next weekend, but will be glad to share code when I do.

I know how you feel about getting info, its hard. It took me a month to figure out the FTDI driver I was using didn't work. There are some examples around you can look at like the code at this site

As you see I still have not gotten any feedback on my question in this post, but glad to help you in any way I can.

Hi Mike

Yes, it seems that they don't actually care. Thank you very much for the link. I configured the Wifi Bee with the UART and it worked. However, I struggle with the communication between Stalker and the Wifi bee.

I have another board, the romeo v2 controller and the Wifi Bee, both of Dfrobot. There I can communicate with the wifi bee over Serial1 and that works great. In contrast, that doesnt work with the Stalker. Thus, I asked people how they did it. But I didnt got any answer so far :(

Hi Mike Did you manage to get a wireless bee running with the Stalker v2.3?