Use GPS and Transmittor at the same time

Hi Guys, It's my first time on the forum and I have a question about using a GPS and transmitter.

I am using the GPS - EM506 and for the transmitter I am using an APC220 and had a question about the code.

  while (gpsSerial.available() > 0)
    if (gps.encode(

As you can see the while loop to check gpsSerial.available() > 0 is running and can transmit the gps data. I also have a BMP280 hooked up and want to transmit that data as well. I was thinking of putting them in 2 different functions and calling the gps transmission and BMP280 transmission as well but as you can see the while loop will keep running and therefore I can't run the rest of the code. I am stuck can you guys please help me figure out how to run other functions which are not dependent on the while loop. Thank you

Which Arduino do you have?

I am using an arduino pro micro or rather a adafruit pro micro

but as you can see the while loop will keep running

No, it won't. The Arduino can empty the incoming serial buffer orders of magnitude faster than the GPS can fill it.