Use Intel Galileo to read Qr Code and display the data in a Web (IOT)

Hey guys,

In my project, i will use an app to scan the Qr code. When the Qr code is scanned, the Intel Galileo will receive the data of the users who scanned the Qr code (for example the name of the users) and starts doing time computation and displaying the results on the Web. I want to count the time elapsed of the difference between the first Qr code and the next Qr code being scanned. My project has to be worked only using Wifi, not bluetooth.

However, I encountered some problem? 1. If i am using App inventor to develop the app and when i scanned the Qr code, how to write the code in arduino to display the data from the app (for example the user name). Because different users scan, it will show different users names. 2. How do i create a website page in arduino to hold all the data?

Really need your help in my project :sob: :sob: