Use IP Camera stepper motor with Arduino UNO

I want to use a W-24BYJ stepper motor for a Security Camera.

I will be using a Fake Security Camera, Logitech Webcam C270, And a stepper motor.

I have made a Webserver for my viewers to go on, but I want to give them the ability to move the camera left & right, I think I am better off with the pan than the tilt (thus meaning a need a bigger enclosure), AND I want to add light controls (PIN 13).

Is there a program that takes web input and send it to the Arduino and the Arduino receives the information and checks if the data it received is "LED" it will turn on, if it is "LED" again turn off the led, and for the stepper motor the are 2 button links, the one for the left would be a left arrow, the one for the right would have a right arrow.

For left the program would say "STEPLEFT", For the right the program would say "STEPRIGHT".

AND how can i hook hook up the stepper motor without the driver?

the images included is the cameras current setup

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