Use Keyboard on ULCD 32PTU 4D Systems


For my graduation project i use a tactile graphic display (ulcd 32PTU 4D Systems) with Arduino Micro.

This Display use a Library to work but there's no explication with then library.

My problem is for use the Keyboard directly on the display, I use the keyboard to create a page for unlocking the display, I wish I could write code (which would display above) and with the Arduino check if the code is good and thus open another page on the display.

I can not find the commands in the library to operate the keyboard, and it always returns the same value to me even if I do not touch.

If anyone among you has already used this display with an Arduino and can help me?

thanks you very much and sorry for my bad English i'm french.

If you don't understand my problem feel free to ask me to clarify a few points.

check this out: