Use L298N to run Hydraulic Flow Valve

Hi all,
As part of a project I am working on, I need to be able to control a Hydraulic Flow Valve remotely from a tablet. My current plan is to use an Arduino Mega 2560 for this purpose (the project also includes operating relays that are unrelated to this post)
The Hydraulic Flow Valve in question is a Brand Hydraulics EFC12-30-12, and here is the data sheet.
It is normally sold with an EC - Series Electronic Control Box

From all of the data available, it seems the Control box uses 12V 1A and PWM to control the Flow Valve. So I need to provide the same signal. The Arduino Mega can do PWM, but the 12V 1A is above what it can directly provide.

From a little research, it seems I should be able to use a L298N Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver to "step up" the 5V signal to 12V, while maintaining the PWM.

I am not great with electrical stuff, so I wanted to just ask here before I started building: Am I on the right track, and is there anything I am missing? Example diagram below:

We're supposed to guess what the module terminal designations are?

Sorry, it is in the PDF I linked, but I guess it's easier if it's posted here.

Please apply the labels to the diagram so people can read it directly, and it doesn't feel like an assignment. Also label the Mega pins, I could look it up but the idea is, you have the problem, you have the time.

Please tell us specifically, which one of the electronic control boxes you are attempting to emulate. Make a difference.

you forgot logic input to connect. single Enable is not enough

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