Use Leonardo USB to power something

Hi !

I would like to use a sonar panel to power my Leonardo through 5V/Vin + Gnd pin, and I would like to use its microUSB port to recharge my phone.

Before getting the solar panel I powered the Leonardo with a 12V jack adapter, and tried to use the USB port to power another arduino (just for testing) but no power seems to go out.

Is it possible ?

Is there some code I need to set ?

Thank you :slight_smile:

The Leonardo is a USB client or "peripheral" like your phone. It is supposed to accept power on its USB port, not give power out.

Connect both Arduinos to the 5V power supply, on their 5V and GND pins.

Oh OK thanks !
So if I get this shield : Arduino USB Host Shield
Does USB HOST means it can power things out ?


Does USB HOST means it can power things

No. HOST simply defines the role in USB transactions.

Read the specifications of the shield carefully to learn whether external devices can be powered.