Use Mega 2560 to upload sketches and burn bootloader?

I want to make my own bare atmega328p and i want to know if i can burn the bootloader and load sketches from my Mega 2560 to the bare mtmega328p?

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It should be possible. At this page, search for "Programming a Uno with a Mega2560". Scroll also down a little to see how to use a Mega to burn bootloader to standalone. That page has the special sketch for the Mega on github (as a sketch, not as a library).

If you want to follow the Arduino pages, a capacitor has to be added ? or is that outdated ? I think it is outdated. This is the normal tutorial : This shows how to use the Mega :

So when i buy my atmega328 should i buy them with a bootloader already installed? And if i do that can i use a ftdi cable to plug my computer straight into the atmege328? (with a power supply)

I never buy with preloaded bootloader, because I don’t trust that :o I use the newest Arduino IDE and burn the bootloader from within the Arduino IDE. That way I’m sure it has the newest bootloader and all the fuses are set properly.

Many others use an Arduino Uno as Arduino ISP to burn the bootloader. I have an USBasp version 2 programmer.

Since I also use some special Optiboot bootloaders, I add an adhesive label to the board or ATmega chip which bootloader version it has 8)

When the bootloader is okay, to upload a sketch you need: GND, RX, TX, DTR/reset.