Use more analog input

Hi! i have buy a arduino board it is amazing!! i have buy it because i want realize the ardrumo project but i need to connect more than 6 analog trigger it is possible? in what way? Sorry for my bad english..

How many do you need? The Nano has eight, the Mega has sixteen.

thanks a lot for the fast reply i need 10-12...for more pad..i buy duemilanove version...

it is possible to obtain more analog input in the Duemilanove version please answere me...

It really depends what you want to do, and how fast.

One example is here.

thnaks a lot i think that i have to buy mega version..and resolve all my trouble.

can i use digital input as analog input?

Can you tell us what it is you want to do, then we can advise you better?

can i use digital input ad analog input?

Assume that you meant to say:- can I use a digital input as an analogue input?

The answer is no.

refer to the ardrumo project i want modify it to use a on-off botton for the hi-hat open/close because now the ardrumo project use 2 analog input one for the hi-hat open and one for the hi-hat close, can u help me?

refer to the ardrumo project i want modify

Still don't know what project you are referring, I assume it is some sort of drum pad, to can you post a link to it?


Ok so why do you not want to use

This is the best way to extend the analogue input capability. With this you would have 8 extra inputs and leave you with 5 of the original analogue inputs giving you a total of 13 analogue inputs.

Without this extra hardware you will have to go to a MEGA.

While this project is good it is not perfect and suffers from (as you might expect) double pulses, missing the peak voltage and returning something less than the maximum. That is the number returned not always being consistent with the strength of hit. My advice would be to get it going first, and if you think it is worth it extending it for the extra inputs later.

thanks a lot! but i don't understand the tutorial code for read the input from the 4051. I understand how select the input but i don't understand how read the result.

You read the result just like you would read any analogue value with an analogRead(pin); call. In this case 'pin' is the analogue input you have connected the output of the 4051 to.

thanks a loT!!!