use node-ws work not well!

I update yun follow these introduction Please upgrade your Yún - latest is 1.3 - Arduino Yún - Arduino Forum.
and install these app:

opkg update
opkg install node
opkg install node-ws

on my win8 pc run cmd,and run the websocket server:

C:\workspace\projects\arduino\Server\host>wscat -l 9899
listening on port 9899 (press CTRL+C to quit)

on yun linux ,run websocket client :

root@Arduino:/usr/lib/node_modules/ws/bin# ./wscat -c ws://
error: invalid server key

on my pc respone:

client connected

If websocket server and client both run on yun linux is ok.
This is just a example test,but fail.what' wrong? Please help me!

It looks like the problem is in the way node is creating the "keys"

I've mail the author of the comment for further details

Thanks,When can solve this bug,is there any solution I can to fix it?

Unfortunately, not that I know. You can help me by googling for the cause of that error. I've tried but I didn't find anything

First off let me point out that I know nothing about node,js, so this might be totally off base.
But are the comments in this post of any help?