Use of 2.4" TFT LCD.

Hi guys,

Recently purchased this TFT LCD/Touchscreen/SD Reader combo.

It's based on the SSD1289 controller, although I'm struggling to find a library to run it from. I've been playing with the UTFT library, but have no idea what parameters to try, as I can't find a manufacturer or model number for this particular screen.

For reference, I've found the same product elsewhere:

Any ideas?

Still looking for help with this if anyone can.

It's this LCD:

I've emailed the seller asking for a datasheet as it does not quote any model numbers and the limited markings on the product itself yield no useful results.

It's described as using the SSD1289 controller so I've been trying to use the UTFT library with SSD1289 as the model parameter to no effect. All I get is the backlight coming on.

Nice display and good price. I just ordered same display (but from I would be interessted in any progress on running this type of display with Arduino.


SSD1289 is the actual chip, once you know that, know which mode the module
is using it in (usually 8 bit parallel or 4-wire serial) and the module pinout,
that's it. But you do need to know all of that before spending money really.
Once you know the chip that also implies the I/O voltage (usually 3.3V, don't
be caught out by that).

I wouldn't touch one that didn't provide all that info in the listing plus a link to code,
life's too short. That one doesn't say which mode, and implies the touchscreen controller
could vary between versions, so its not a good choice. Also it has enough pins to
suggest a 16bit interface which needs far too many pins. 4-wire serial is a good choice,
far fewer pins, runs pretty quick from hardware SPI pins.

An Arduino 8 Bit controller should drive a 320x240 pixel 16Bit colored TFT-Display ? I had a comparable TFT-display connected to an ATMega32 in 8Bit mode about 2 years ago. The display driver was an ILI9325 that supports 8Bit mode and this display works propper if the design of the board is 3.3V based. But everybody should know that the display output is quite slow and not floating due the Interface uses just 8Bit and is connected by an I/O-Port instead the memory-bus of the MCU.
The SSD1289 works propper in combination with an ARM Cortex M3/M4 reasoned by the direct bus access (FSMC) of the MCU.
If the interface should be working in 8 Bit mode, a Pin of the SSD1289 needs to be configured to GND. I can't imagine that this is fast enought for more than a few simple outputs. A moving bar like an VU-Meter is impossible to realize floated due the MCU and the Interface connectivity lacks.


Hello there,

I bought this same LCD and also have failed to get it working.
I believe it’s called an ITDB02-2.4E

it’s Ver 1.3 that I have, and doesn’t have that 8-16 switch on the side.
Apparent the GLCD library is supposed to work with it, but all i get is a not enough space error.

This pinout is:

DB15 | T_IEQ
DB14 | T_DO
DB13 | NC
DB12 | T_DIN
DB11 | T_CS
DB10 | T_CLK
DB9 | DB7
DB8 | DB6
RD | DB5
WR | DB4
RS | DB3
NC | DN2

Any suggestions?

This is a pretty standard display and driver chip which should work fine with the UTFT library.

A few questions for you:

  • How are you connecting it to the Arduino, and what Arduino are you using ?
  • What sketch are you using? Please provide the full sketch that you are actually using.


Apologies for the late reply,

I'm using a LCD shield and the example sketch from the UTFT library:

Are you making any changes to the default sketch ?

Only the parameter to the controller name, the pins are allocated correctly by default.

If you are 100% certain that your sketch is not the problem then it would appear to be a hardware problem and you should return everything for a refund - sorry but I can't offer any further advice.

If you are not 100% certain, then perhaps you could answer my previous questions i.e. provide details of the Arduino/shield that you are using together with a copy of the actual sketch that you are using.

Only the parameter to the controller name, the pins are allocated correctly by default.

Maybe, but maybe not......without knowing the details no one is able to offer any advice.

I have bought one of these displays and a mega shield, which is marked CTE TFT LCD/SD shield The display has no model number on the underside of the pcb and is marked 2.4"TFT 240320 V2.1 on the topside.
I downloaded the UTFT library and found that the sketch found in examples/Arduino(ARM) + Teensy/UTFT_Demo_320
240.ino worked with the model parameter set as ITDB24.
I am not sure yet whether it is running 8 or 16 bit mode, that’s next to do.
Anyway it is a relief to see an image on the screen and know that the shield etc are compatible. The only concern at the moment is how to use the other pins on the mega, does anybody know how this is done?